Resignation/ removal of Dr. Deb Henton Superintendent at North Branch Area Public Schools

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We are asking that Dr. Deb Henton resign as Superintendent, she is the leader of this district and as such; accountability must start from the top. We have a magnitude of problems, a decade worth of “negative growth” and declining enrollment and it has to do with poor and cowardly leadership, shirking responsibilities and mishandling parental, employee and community concerns. Not all problems can be laid on her doorstep but, as the leader, as the manager of these things to deal with, she has failed. She has built a poor rapport with locals, people & businesses, some are afraid to speak up due to intimidation and retaliation, is this how the “most important public partner” to the city of North Branch should be sounding right now? She is not only affecting the schools with her behavior but the people and businesses In this area. We, who have signed are asking for Deb Henton’s resignation and or removal.

Should this petition fail and Henton stays, there will continue to be enrollment decline, discontent, increase of negative growth. The bullying happening in the SCHOOLS and on the bus will continue to be mishandled directly and indirectly by Henton. Some employees will continue being treated unfairly and work in fear with no clear rules, regulations or support. Deb Henton will continue her with her poor rapport with community members in public meetings driving them out with her behavior.  Many of her shortcomings are being revealed with recent events, people are coming forward about ignored bullying reports, behaviors at public meetings, shirking of responsibilities, many can be found online over social media, google search #reinstatetanya, or by talking to people you pass by in the local grocery store, school sidewalks, parks, etc, in North Branch Minnesota. The enrollment decline has been published in the local newspapers for every year Henton has been here. 

Thank You.