More exposure for the Minnesota Girls' High School Hockey Teams

More exposure for the Minnesota Girls' High School Hockey Teams

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To the MSHSL, Media Outlets, et al.

We the undersigned are concerned with the lack of coverage of the Girls’ Hockey sectional and state tournaments. One of the biggest missed opportunities was the final of section 7A involving Cloquet and The Mirage. The new St. Luke’s Arena in Proctor has a seating capacity of 1200, and was filled with 1400 fans, parents, young girl players, students, etc. The girls do not get the same coverage as the boys do, and we want that to change. They work just as hard as the boys, and they deserve the same coverage and spotlight as them.

One of the hurdles I have heard is that the cost for the rights to broadcast, whether on tv, live stream, etc. is too high to cover. This leaves many people missing out on amazing contest involving the best teams in the state. If we are to truly be the State of Hockey, shouldn’t we be celebrating the game regardless of gender and level.

I understand that some may not want to take the risks associated with high fees and possible turnout, but I am sure there are ways we can make that more attractive to major outlets to take a chance on the girls and provide the same coverage that the boys receive. Maybe we lower the fees to test the waters in terms of viewership as a proving ground, even if it is for smaller companies like Youth Hockey Hub, Up North Hockey, etc. We are just passionate supporters of hockey, specifically women’s hockey, and want to see the game grow for our daughters, and the future players. Give the women a chance, and I bet they will surprise you.