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Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton/MN State Representatives and State Senators: STOP WOLF HUNTING & TRAPPING IN MN



With the hunt NOW HERE, concerned Minnesotans need your help suspending this year’s hunt based on the alarming 25% decline in 2012 wolf population and the often cruel and inhumane methods used to trap and hunt our beloved wolves.

The Grey Wolf will soon find itself right back on the endangered species list if we continue this disturbing rate of senseless killing in Minnesota. One out of every four wolves – 413 in total - were killed by hunters and trappers in 2012; not to protect public safety, not to control the population size, and not to reduce conflicts with people. They were killed for sport, for fun and for trophies.

Worst yet, more than half the wolves killed in Minnesota were less than 2 years old and almost a third were less than 1 year old. These were not problem wolves; they were not in conflicts with people, livestock, or domestic animals. They were just wolves living wild and free in the northern woods of Minnesota. The wolves' packs are beginning to become broken up and disrupted. When this occurs they get desperate or in more trouble with humans and livestocks.  

Minnesota hasn’t had this few wolves in the state since 1988 and pack sizes have greatly suffered consequently. Packs are family units made up of siblings and other relatives that support activities essential for survival, notably hunting and raising pups. And it is known that the random killing of non-problem wolves tears apart wolf families and diminishes their ability to survive and reproduce.

Above all, the cruel methods allowed for hunting and trapping wolves are disgusting and frightening. The majority of Minnesota voters oppose these inhumane and unethical, yet legally sanctioned practices: metal leghold traps that crush limbs, wire choke snares that cause painful brain bleeding, and bait-like food and the calls of wolf pups in distress that lure adult protectors to their death.

Finally, a recreational wolf hunt is simply unnecessary and egregious. Minnesota state law already allows wolves to be killed in protection of livestock, pets, and people.

Please sign this important petition to help SAVE MINNESOTA WOLVES from the endangered species list, guaranteed extinction and the cruel and inhumane methods used to kill them!

Please visit to learn more. All Minnesotans please also call your local representative to urge them to take action as well. Together we can make a difference. 


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