Justice for George Floyd

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We’ve had enough living in a time of people treating others so poorly. To whoever is family or close to George Floyd, we pay respect to you in hopes of getting closure on this. Most of us are sick and tired of how our society has been lately due to political issues, from Trump, as well as people being treated so unequal. The cops involved in this case need to be penalized crudely. They murdered a man, lying practically helpless on the ground because of the officer, and you expect him to be able to fight against that, a man lying on his throat. We cant continue to let this happen. No matter what it takes to have this be over with, we will do it and take it one step at a time, for equality, and for all. This world is a free world, not a world of punishment, not a world of segregation, not a world of killing. So, help fight against this, all of us together fighting to stop these stories of murder and harassment in the news. Let us all work together. We hope everyone who is affected by this, gets closure, and a sense of peace with themselves. We all love you George. Rest In Peace.