Get Justice for George Floyd.

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I think by now most people have seen the shocking video of George Floyd being restrained by police officers in Minneapolis. The video clearly showed that unlawful force was used by the officer; by putting his knee over Mr Floyd’s neck he left him begging for air with no reprieve until he slowly lost consciousness and sadly lost his life. 

There is a clear disregard for civil rights, and the callousness that the officers showed towards Mr Floyd is sadly a reoccurring picture of the way African Americans are treated by the justice system in the USA. The officers must be charged for his death not just sacked and justice must be served! 

How many more African Americans need to be killed by police brutality before something is changed? 

Minnesota authorities and the FBI are investigating the case but we must make sure that this is done justly and without police unions using their political connections to get off without any reprieve for their actions. 

Michael O. Freeman, the Hennepin County Attorney needs to ensure that charges are made against the officer who used unlawful force as well as the officers who ignored the pleas of Mr Floyd whilst he cried for breath. 

Justice must be served and we as a world not just the USA need to come together to stop these injustices occurring again and again. 

Please sign this petition and let’s get those officers charged and tried in court.

No more African Americans should be subjected to this brutality by the police! 


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