Rescind the Minneapolis Medical Examiner’s report of George Floyd

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Dear Minnesota Attorney General Ellison,

It is very disappointing to read the results of the Minneapolis ME Report for George Floyd.  We, as physicians and health care workers, are well versed in the pathophysiology of the human body and as such, we recognize that heart disease and hypertension are CONTRIBUTORY factors of death, meaning there is usually an event (occlusion of a carotid artery for 6 minutes) that acts as the catalyst for immediate death. Furthermore, toxicology results usually take approximately 6 weeks to be confirmed.  

The video footage reveals a clear cause for death- strangulation and asphyxiation.  This family, under all of the terror and turmoil,  should not have to receive another autopsy, when the evidence is clear.  We ask that you do the right thing and ask the ME to re-evaluate the cause of death in the case of George Floyd.

We also ask that a full, thorough and fair investigation be launched into the ME office.  The most vulnerable, those who no longer breathe and have life must have their dignity in the hands of caring, respectful physicians who abide by the Hippocratic oath and “At First do no Harm.”  There was a great deal of harm caused to this family and many communities across the globe with this unfair and unjust ME report.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dr. Monique Butler, MD MBA