raise the degree of the murder of George Floyd.

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46 year old man George Floyd was killed on May 25, 2020. he was suffocated to death by Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin. the tragic death of Mr. Floyd has sparked many movements across the United States, some good, some bad.

besides the point, Derek was only pressed with 3rd degree murder charges, while others (including myself) believe that he should receive higher. he should be pressed with AT LEAST 2nd degree murder charges, or even possibly 1st. i say this because Derek completely would’ve known that he was suffocating Mr. Floyd, and so that would NOT 3rd degree.

1st degree murder means that the murder was premeditated and intentional. Chauvin obviously had to of know what he was doing, as Mr. Floyd repeatedly said “I can’t breath,” and Chauvin proceeded to mock George. 2nd degree charges could also be reasonable, as we do not know if the murder of George was planned or not. 2nd degree murder means that the murder was intentional, but yet not premeditated. until there is proof, i say that 2nd degree murder is as good as it will get for now, unless if more evidence comes to light. please sign and share this petition, so we can help George and his family, one step at a time. 

RIP George Perry Floyd.

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