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Petitioning Minnesota Governor and 14 others

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control: Stop the effective banning of the Friends of MACC Facebook page


Since it's inception, the Friends of MACC facebook page has proven invaluable to the animals at Minneapolis Animal Care & Control when it comes to utilizing social media to for networking and providing visibility that helps these animals find adoptive and foster homes and ultimately helps them live.

The page is run by a dedicated group of former MACC volunteers who have slowly been forced out, and recently the volunteers at MACC were completely prohibited from contributing information or photos to this public site or risk being fired.

MACC has implemented a shelter-management software system that interfaces with their city website that has no social media presence to speak of and limits the information on their animals to that site alone.  They feel this is a better option than the Facebook page that is already in place and has a following of over 10,000 people.  Only one photo is allowed, and limited details are available as to the personality of the animals.

We are asking for your support to show how important social media is to the networking of animals in need, and hope you will join us in bringing attention to this matter.  Without our page, animals will die at MACC without the opportunity to find forever homes.  This is a huge step backward in the fight to get more animals out of MACC alive.

We are pleased that MACC has a way to provide real time information on the animals in their possession, but there is no reason to not allow the fMACC page to continue as well as a compliment to their page.

All we are asking for from MACC is the permission for volunteers to send photos and feedback/descriptions of the animals to our administrators as they have in the past, as well as MACC to provide periodic updates as to the outcome of the animals in their care.

Please share our petition and help these animals.

Letter to
Minnesota Governor
Robert Lilligren
Keven Reich
and 12 others
Diana Hofstede
R. T. Rybak
Lisa Goodman
Betsy Hodges
John Quincy
Elizabeth Glidden
Don Samuels
Cam Gordon
Jeanette Wiedemeier
Nuria Rivera-Vandermyde
Dan Nizoliek
Barb Johnson
We value the Friends of Minneapolis Facebook page and are upset that MACC has banned volunteers from providing information to the page. We feel this page is essential to the networking of these animals and we want MACC's cooperation so these animals can be saved.
We think it's great that MACC has a real time site for people to check for stray animals and to see who is adoptable. It is wonderful that they have taken this step. But there is no reason that there can't be both in the interest of the animals.

All we ask is that volunteers be allowed to continue to provide photos and information on the animals, and that MACC provide periodic updates on the honest outcomes of the animals in their care.

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