SPORTS INSURANCE for Indian Athletes

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What is your feeling while reading the above facebook post? Is it sympathy? For me it’s SHAME.. A promising athlete, who represent state or nation waits for the mercy of society for her treatment. What a shameful scenario. If our sports ecosystem doesn’t have a strong mechanism to support our athletes to recover from the injuries, then we are not going to be a sports superpower.

Sports injuries are so common across the globe. Unfortunately, India does not have a proper statistics regarding sports injuries. But it is terrifying that many Indian athletes leave the sports field every year without realizing their dream to reach the top podiums of the sports they like, just because of sports injuries. Many great athletes such as Ayrton Senna (Brazilian F1 driver), Raman Lamba (Indian cricketer) and Phil Hughes (Australian Cricketer) lost their life in the sports fields due fatal sports injuries.

Based on the studies conducted by the Sports Management Students of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI), one of the major support our athletes needs during injury is a comprehensive sports insurance.

Why an athlete needs Sports Insurance?

  • Risk of injuries associated with playing or practicing certain sports
  • Risk of injuries associated with the long term practice of certain sports
  • High cost of treatment and rehabilitation
  • Loss of revenue from sport
  • Rehabilitation needs

This insurance has to cover their medical treatment and rehabilitation expenses.

  • This should be applicable to all athletes who represent district level and above
  • The premium has to be paid jointly by Central Government, State Government, Sports Association and athlete.
  • The premium share of athlete should be below 10%
  • It must cover all medical expenses including medicines, lab tests and food
  • Rehabilitation support has to be given to the athletes, who couldn’t play in future.  

If the government can’t introduce such an insurance scheme for athletes, we will miss many more great sports stars.