7 December 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Faiza Khanum


In the aftermath of the Nirbhaya case, there was so much anger. The anger was not just against the rapists but against the police, justice system, government and the society. All of these factors had created the atmosphere for the perpetrators to commit the crime with impunity. How much has changed since then? We saw the Unnao rape case of 2017, followed by, the Kathua Rape Case of 2018. Recently, we saw the Priyanka Reddy Rape case. The lastest update in another Unnao Rape case which came to light in March 2019, has shook us from our very core.


On 5th December, 2019 - The 23 year old Unnao Victim was beaten, abused, stabbed and burnt alive. She sustained 90% burn injuries and died the next day.

The two most important questions that pop up in our heads with respect to this case are :

1. How was the accused granted bail?

2. Why didn't the Police take any action when she had complained of having faced threats?

When we look at this horrific incident, can we not see how she could have been saved? Wasn't her life under threat after the accused was granted bail? Today, we have failed as a society to protect a life. An important life has been lost. Her last words were, "I dont wanna die. I wanna see the accused sentenced to death." She wanted justice. Let's help her in her fight !

In the context of this case and in general, I am proposing, the following reforms :

1. Protection to be given immediately to the victim and her family in rape cases where a threat exists to their lives which shall be done either on the behest of the victim or as a precautionary step taken by the police.

2. Addition to be made to the Police Manual of every State to include Gender Sensitive Training for all Police Officials in cases involving sexual offences against women.

3. Review and make necessary changes to the Criminal Justice System such as increase the number of forensic labs, fast track courts, investigators etc to prevent delays and meet the needs of the people.

4.Launch as many programs as possible by utilizing the Nirbhaya Funds for Women Safety.

5. Effectuate speedy disposal of the currently pending rape cases. As per the NCRB data, rape cases are on a steep rise and thousands of rape cases are pending investigation.

6. Death sentence to be awarded to the rapists in cases of rape and murder.

7. Make the law stricter under Section.437 of CrPC for granting bail in rape cases.

And any other reform that can restore people's faith back in the justice system.The government has to do more than just express it's condolences. 

Stricter laws are the need of the hour. Let's make our laws effective!


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Signatures: 93,815Next Goal: 1,50,000
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