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Stop the removal of graffiti on matatus

We ,the undersigned, protest the banning of graffiti on Kenyan Matatus.
Vehicle customization provide gainful employment to thousands of young creative people, not to mention creating a culture unique to only Kenya.
We are concerned about the loss of many jobs in the Matatu industry. The graffiti on our matatus is what makes the PSVs in our beautiful country unique. It can be
termed as a tourist attraction because I have seen some people come to Nairobi just to see the much talked about matatus. It was even a feature in CNN's Inside Africa. So much work goes into designing the matatus and so many young people have been employed as a result of this. We totally support restoring sanity in the matatu sector but we should not let these people lose their jobs. We are against obscene graffiti on the matatus but most, if not all, matatus don't have these. This is part of Kenyan culture,please let us not kill it.
By all means instill good road practices in our country,but leave the creativity on our matatus alone. Vehicles do not cause accidents, people do.

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  • Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Youth and Sports

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