Pet grooming IS an Essential!

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”The Singapore Government has announced the closure of schools and most workplaces, except for essential services like supermarkets and banks, for a month, as part of stricter measures to slow down the spread of the Covid-19. ”

One of the essential services that was not included, is pet grooming. As pet groomers and pet owners ourselves, we strongly advise dogs (mainly) to be showered once a week, and get a full groom every 4-6 weeks. 

While it is still possible for pet owners to groom their pets (Basics Eg. Showering) on their own, engaging a professional groomer is still essential as we are trained to handle pets the proper way and have the necessary tools and equipment to groom them. We also possess the specific skills (eg. Shaving, scissoring) required to groom respective breeds, and we are able to check for signs of infection, ticks, and tangles that are usually hidden under their fluffy coats.  

Inconsistent grooming can potentially cause health problems for our pets. For example, a “minor” issue like overgrown nails can cause extreme pain to a dog, hampering its ability to walk. Eventually, they will have to be sent to the vet for treatment, when it could be easily avoided with regular and proper grooming. 

1 month may seem like a short while as of now, but we are uncertain if the measures would be continued by then as we are uncertain of the upcoming events.

Pets are a part of our family. We want to ensure that our pets’ welfare will NOT be compromised in the midst of protecting ourselves.