End horse abuse on Gili Islands

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The Gili Islands in Indonesia (between Lombok and Bali) is a place of severe animal abuse. And it needs to stop.

Small ponies buckling beneath the weight of carts crammed full of passengers, luggage, shipped goods, industrial materials, etc., all day under the scorching sun. Malnourished, exhausted, whipped, no breaks.. Trudging up and down rough, bumpy, unsafe roads without shoes. Some of them foaming at the mouth from dehydration.. Some of them collapsing dead in the middle of a run. It is torture. Unequivocally.

There are over 500 ponies across these three small islands, inhumanely trapped and subsequently imprisoned in this slave labour life. We have the power to end this abuse. If we stop fuelling their business (allowing them to make money off of this torture), and make it known why, they will be forced to change it. Tourism runs on money alone, it is their only concern - so let's send a message to the pony cart business, as well as all other businesses that are in partnership with them, that they will NOT make money until they adopt humane practices. Sign this petition. Write to Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism: (http://www.indonesia.travel/gb/en/contact. And boycott these islands. (If you must visit, please be prepared to walk or bicycle your way around - the islands are very small and very manageable without exploiting these ponies.) At the very least, let's spread the word. 

Abuse happens when we all collectively let it. Change happens when we all collectively stand up to it. Please do your part. If this gets enough attention it will be impossible to ignore. Let's make a difference.

I so appreciate your help.


Pledge (words taken from the previous petition by http://www.horseswithoutcarriages.org/contact.shtml):
"We, the undersigned, ask those who represent these interests to take the advice of this petition and shut the horse carriage industry down and replace it with a more humane practice [bicycles, Tuk Tuks, etc.] ... Tourists DO NOT want to see theses ponies suffering.

As potential tourists we take the pledge not to visit the Gili Islands or Indonesia until this issue is resolved in favor of the horses and will tell others to do the same.  There are many more humane vacation spots in the world that will get our business."