Fraud COUNTRY CLUB/VACATIONS!! Lets BAN these cheaters from further frauds.

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We wake up early ,RUSH  to work and WORK so HARD day and night to earn.For whom? To give a better lifestyle to our loved ones. Right? Then when companies like COUNTRY CLUB show us the fantasized version of affordable luxury and we pay them our hard earned money to avail their services and then we don't get it! Why don't we raise our voices? Ever noticed? They always call all of us as a lucky winner and call us in a hush hush to listen to their presentations and somehow when people get convinced to their fake promises they make them pay as much amount people can at that very moment and when you see the agreement itself nothing matches!! Such professional frauds they are, but i don't understand after so many complaints and 27 years of working how are they still working while expanding this fake business. DO WE DESERVE THIS? One after the other family will get stuck and file individual complaint and out of them who so ever will fight till the end will get it back and others will only be able to crib over the lost amount. Why?? Why is it not possible for us to come together and appeal our government to ban them altogether. And let not anyone get suck into it. Let the world know When we are together no one can ever cheat us. We are a country of culture and togetherness and we will not let anyone within our region itself destroy us, As our government has always been very supportive and we can expect full justice from them!

This is a message to everyone who has been a part of their scam and want their money back and people who have heard about it or even people who wish to save their friends and family from this further fraud.Request you to please sign this petition and let our authorities have a chance to help us.

PS: If we see any review online we will see everyone caught i more or less the same situation and we ll even see that the ICICI BANK had banned them, their few offices were closed as they were caught red handed by the police officials of that state and were punished under act 420(criminal act). Attached are few links,please go through them. Thank you so much o everyone in advance.

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