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Stop the mass execution of dogs and cats in Japan

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In Japan, over 300,000 cats and dogs are being systematically killed each year.
This is the result of the social structure which allows customers easy access to pets.
Unlike cattle, they do not produce meat or milk thus making them more vulnerable to being thrown away when their owner changes their minds.
And when they get abandoned there is only one place for them to go.
The public health center.
There the abandoned lives are put to an brutal end by suffocation in the gas chamber.

In the United Kingdom, it is prohibited to sell dogs and cats for profit.
If someone wishes to purchase a new pet, they go to a local animal shelter, undergo a qualification test as an dog/cat owner, and if they are seem fit, they get to take home an animal to their new family.
Under this system, the mass execution of lives does not occur.
And our goal is to introduce this kind of system in to the Japanese society.

It is difficult to challenge an established structure.
Which is why we need the support from both within and from the outside.
If you are willing to support the idea, please sign the petition and spread the word in order to help us save the innocent lives which deserves a new life, not a painful end in the gas chamber.
Any comments or ideas are much appreciated.

Here is an link to youtube video shoing how the animals are killed in the Japanese public health center.Please be advised that the following video contains shocking images.

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