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Ministry of the Environment of the Government of Estonia: Find & prosecute the killers who shot & killed the WTSE (eagle), Nimeta

The beautiful White Tailed Sea Eagle, Nimeta, who was treated and released by Dr. Madis Leivits in Estonia at the beginning of October, was found dead. He had been shot down and left to die in an area rented by hunters, and there is where he died.

This is an outrage and this raptor should not have had to suffer and die at the hands of poachers. This bird was on the first part of his migration out of Estonia when he was baited with dead animal carcasses, then killed. These killers must be stopped and prosecuted plus they need to be educated as to what they have done and are doing to the environment of the entire earth.

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How is the sea eagle shooting investigation?

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  • Ministry of the Environment of the Government of Estonia

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