Ban owl cafes in Japan from shackling the birds with short leashes

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Many owl cafes in Japan shackle their owls with short leashes purely for human entertainment and profit.

This is inhumane, unnatural, and extremely stressful for the owls.

Another big issue with many of these cafes is the noise.

Owls are extremely sensitive to noise, and many of them are nocturnal. They need to be able to sleep whenever they want, but they are not able to rest fully if there's loud noise - for example, loud music or other types of birds nearby.

Owls are said to need ~15 hours of sleep a day, and they are not able to get it if they are subjected to loud noise for much of the day.

With this petition, we demand The Ministry of Environment of Japan ban owl cafes from chaining owls with short leashes, as well as subjecting them to loud noise for much of the day.

Currently, there is already a law on how the owl cafes are supposed to treat these animals. According to this, they must create enough space for each bird to be able to take natural actions such as spreading their wings and flying.

However, it currently does not have specific numerical criteria, so owl cafe owners are able to interpret this law in any way they want and essentially set their own criteria.

Thus, we demand The Ministry of Environment take the following two actions:

  • Set specific numerical criteria on this law so that all owl cafes are banned from shackling the owls with short leashes.
  • Set a specific rule regarding the noise that's based on a specific number - for example, decibels.

Finally, owls have no ability to speak up for themselves when they are subjected to stressful situations. This is why it is crucial that we, humans, stand up for them when there is an injustice.

Let's work together to save the owls from the horrible conditions they are subjected to.


(Here's a reference to the relevant law in Japanese)