Justice for Ethan Nelles - Sentence His Murderer As An Adult

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On July 28, 2020, Ethan Nelles, a 20-year-old beloved member of the Brampton Community was fatally stabbed in Mississauga by a 16-year-old male, who was a complete stranger. This brutal act of violence did not have to happen and it could have easily been anyone else.

This murderer is currently out on bail spending time with his family, while Ethan’s precious life has been tragically ended. Ethan had a bright future ahead of him and was attending post-secondary education with the plan of becoming a successful software developer like his father.

Ethan was a pure soul and his family and friends are deeply saddened by this devastating loss.  The tragic loss of Ethan has shaken our community and many memorials have taken place across the city by his co-workers, friends and family.

After Ethan’s murder, another beloved member of our community, Surajdeep Singh was also fatally stabbed on August 13, 2020 in Brampton by another 16-year-old. It has come into light that the after protesting, petitioning and numerous emails to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, the 16-year-old murderers of Surajdeep Singh will be trialed as adults.

We are appealing to you as members of our society to come together and support Ethan in receiving the same justice. It is now time that we get these evil and harmful youth the sentence they deserve and we will not accept a light sentence for the loss of Ethan’s life, regardless of age murder is murder and should not be taken lightly or tolerated. ­­

We seek justice in having this 16-year-old murderer tried as an adult, and that he receives maximum punishment for taking the precious life of Ethan. With youth violence on the rise, we would hate to see this injustice happen to another family in our community. ­­­It is time to stop sheltering these youth for violent crimes under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. ­­­­­­