It is now or never, save DEVIS from the DEVILS, and change your forever.

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She shouted no. But they did not stop. She shouted even louder. But her voice couldn't be heard in the maze field as she was choked with her dupatta by 'The Powerful Devils.'

They reaped off her clothes, closed her mouth. Her shout got unheard. She trembled in fear. And those devils laughed; laughed over her helplessness. They enjoyed torturing her, strangulating her, breaking her spine. She was dying each second inside. She was frozen and couldn't move. She was surrounded in a pool of her own blood. But she could do nothing about it.

When her mother who had gone with her to the same maize field, realized that the girl was missing, she searched her daughter and found her lying unconscious and paralyzed with a big cut on her tongue, in the field.

The Hathras survivor, a 19 year old girl, gangraped on 14th September, admitted to a hospital in Aligarh and then referred to Safdarjung Delhi, regained consciousness on 23rd to name the rapists, but sadly succumbed to her injuries and died on 29th September 2020.

The 4 rapists accused have been arrested but the question is will the girl be served justice? Will the family get back their daughter? Will the girl's 15 days struggle in pain between life and death be undone? The answer is no. It is not for the first time this has happened. One of the alleged was known to harass the Dalit inhabitants in the area. Uttar Pradesh is becoming the rape hub of India. The annual report of National Crime Bureau Data, shows a rape case is registered with the police every 2 hours and the state sees a crime against the child every 90 minutes.

And talking of rape, and the people who justify rape by saying that women should remain in their boundaries. A reality check to all of them, she was wearing a decent salwar kameez with a dupatta, working in the fields in the day to collect fodder for the animals, not drunk or alone on a nightout. Rape has nothing to do with how a woman dresses or behaves, because if at all it was related, infant girls, 3-4 year old girls, 80 year old grandmothers, women in burkhas would not be raped. It is the sick mentality of those men who think that they are superior to women. The superior-inferior mindset is the cause of all crimes happening in India.

To the men out there, do you want a safe environment for your daughters, mothers, sisters and wives? To the women, do you want to move out, live your life according to your own rules and travel fearlessly?

If your answer is yes, kindly sign this petition.

A petition so that the rapists should be punished with the same torture they caused to someone else. Just putting them in jail so that they come out of it and do this again will not serve the punishment. Most of the rape cases are not reported; and a few which are reported, it takes years for the court to give a punishment. This petition is for a law that states a definite punishment for them so that no one dares to do such a heinous crime again. Hang or shoot or castrate them in front of the public and then kill them or freeze them to death or burn them alive or starve them to death or remove organs from their bodies for organ donation and then kill them or any torture that causes fear in such men and forces them to not take women for granted.

Kindly sign this petition for a law that is so strict that rapists are terrified to commit such a crime in the first place.