Crew change and repatriation of Indian SEAFARERS from overseas

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I am a proud Indian and I appreciate all the measures taken by Indian government to fight this pandemic.However this petition is for our UNSUNG HEROES "our SEAFARERS".

I urge you to recognise their critical role ,they are the one moving 90percent of world cargo.Being a seafarer wife I am highly aware of the kind of environment they thrive in,far away from their families,with no or very limited internet ,long working hours,loneliness to name few.


We agree this is a Black swan event but does that justify their mental suffering due to extended contracts (some are staying for more than 9-10 mnths),exhaustion,homesickness?

We can't imagine the mental trauma they are going through, its  hightime to take actions,before it results in strikes or accidents.

it's been four months already world is facing this issue and still we haven't come up with a feasible plan.Its  disheartening to see they are not getting any update or response from Indian government while other countries are helping and evacuating their sailors. 

This is on behalf of all thousands of SEAFARERS stranded and their families,I heard IATA AND SHIPPING ICS are calling on government to take measure to facilitate collective crew change by identifying ideal locations.WE ARE HOPING QUICK ACTIONS !