Compulsory and Clear Footpaths on all Urban Roads

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I live in Gurgaon, 500m away from my office. But even covering that 500m on foot is an ordeal. The footpaths are not there for 50% of the way. 30% of the footpath has been encroached upon. So for 80% of my way I have to travel on the road where every second is a risk upon life. 

The same is true everywhere in the country. The newly built swanky Golf Course road in Gurgaon along with the rapid metro doesn't even have footpaths! How are we supposed to use the metro when we cannot even walk to them without risking our lives. 

Gadkari ji, to solve the traffic problems, we need to make our cities walkable. And having walkable footpaths is the 1st step. People, both rich and poor want to walk. It saves time, is free, solves parking issues, solves traffic issues, and benefits health too. Creating footpaths will cost a fraction of the cost of roads but will benefit more and make people happier. 

It is impossible to solve traffic by expanding roads. If everybody started using cars, our cities will crumble. In fact, they are already crumbling. Unless our cities become walkable we will die because of air pollution stuck in a traffic jam.