Scratch the old tar road before making new road to avoid change in the road surface level.

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I have been observing the problem for a long time and it’s a very irritating issue faced by residents in the cities all over India. The patchwork on asphalt road every year, like filling of potholes and repairing a patch of the road by the municipal corporation of the cities. While carrying out this activity the road contractor just put another layer of asphalt over the existing road without scratching the asphalt road underneath.

This creates the problem of the unevenness of the roads and in the long term due to yearly repairing works the level of the road rises and coincides with the floor level of the building near the road. This, in turn, creates a big issue during the rainy season when excess water on the road gushes inside the buildings creating all sort of maintenance issue for the buildings.

Sign in the petition asking the government to make it mandatory to scratch the road completely before doing patchwork making sure that the level of the road does not change.