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Elephant Gate Bridge or Salt Coaturs Bridge which is one of the vital bridges in North Chennai connecting it with Central and South Chennai. This bridge has been closed for more than a year now and no work has started till date to reconstruct the damaged bridge. 

As the bridge is damaged only two wheeler's traffic is allowed. Due to the closure of the bridge to other modes of transport people have to travel more than 3-5 kilometers to reach Sowcarpet, Mint, Parrys from other parts of Chennai and Vice Versa. Due to this there is heavy traffic near Central Station, Basin Bridge and Mint. It takes more than 30 minutes to reach Sowcarpet, Mint and Parrys and Vice Versa,  which is hardly 1/2 a kilo meter apart. 

So I kindly request the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and Honorable Railway Minster to take immediate steps to construct the bridge.