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On 2011, a firefighter from South Korea died while rescuing a kitten on a handrail. Even though he was saving life while on duty and died from it, the National Cemetery of South Korea refused him because it was not a human he rescued.

The family of firefighter Kim sued the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs last september, but Seoul Administrative Court recently hold in favor of the Government.

It was because of the regulations of National Cemetery. "Only the fire-fighting officers who died while rescuing human lives or on fire fighting duty could be buried in National Cemetery."

But according to KBS' report, the court asked Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs to open a rating for the burial of the officer and decide it, so there is still hope.

This case not only effected one officer's welfare but also numerous people's concept on respect of life. Many young generations could get the wrong idea from it. And high chances this discouraged many firefighters to rescue all other lives if they don't look like us, human.

Letter to
Rating committee Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, South Korea
The Firefighter Kim Jong-hyun who died while rescuing a cat in Sok-cho, Gang-won province on July, 2011 is a real hero. Officer Kim tried to rescue another life sacrificing his own safety.

His heroic action should be praised as an example of humans noble quality and dignity, which is not only a firefighter's job but rather whole humanity's role on this earth. His body should be buried nowhere but in National Cemetery.

Please consider the effect of refusing him, what message will it send to our people. Encourage people to respect not only humans but all living beings.

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