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To reintroduce Grizzly Bears to Ontario

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Grizzly Bears are not existent in Ontario. They were hunted and driven away by humans. I believe it is our responsibility to reintroduce them to Ontario. If we don't bring back and protect Grizzly Bears, they will continue to be extinct in Ontario. One example of successful efforts (a model which Ontario could follow) is the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary located along the north coast of British Columbia, where Grizzly Bears enjoy 44,300 hectares (109,000 acres) of protected land. If we neglect this important cause, future children will only know what a Grizzly Bear was, not what it is. Grizzly Bears are misunderstood creatures; their name refers to the grizzled tips of their fur. Not Grislywhich is a term meaning ferocious and wild. Grizzly Bears used to roam Ontario long ago; they mostly fed on blueberries and fish, usually salmon. Due to hunting Grizzly Bears and overfishing of salmon, the last few bears deserted and died off. Ontarians caused it and Ontarians need to fix it. If we don't, then one of the most magnificent animals will be forsaken in our province.


     The Grizzly Bear is a majestic animal and an important part of the food chain. They level out their prey’s population leveling out their prey’s population and so on... therefore balancing the whole ecosystem and biome. The only time they will attack is if you come between them and their cubs or they feel threatened. Often humans do this by accident, resulting in a misunderstanding both ways. They are otherwise very important creatures who don’t want to do bad to us. We need to help them live on, but this is not the only place going through this. If we can do this in Ontario it will spread to Québec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the northern United States. This way, the Grizzly Bear will roam our nations land once again.




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