Shut down Samutprakarn Zoo and relocate the animals to sanctuaries

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Horrific abuse and neglect of animals is taking place at Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo in Thailand.

A recent YouTube video ( shows a baby orangutan chained to the floor. The chain is very short and the orangutan is visibly distressed. It is dressed in human clothes and is seen desperately reaching out its hand to the people visiting the zoo.

Baby chimpanzees and tiger cubs are kept in tiny cages for visitors to have their photos taken with them.

There are also older orangutans and chimpanzees in dark cages with cement floor and no natural vegetation. One video on YouTube shows a chimpanzee clapping its hands to get people's attention so they will give it food (

Birds are chained up so they are unable to fly.

Elephants are kept chained up and forced to perform in a show.

There are crocodile shows where the handlers wrestle with them and force their jaws apart.

This treatment of these animals is extremely cruel.  They are currently living a life that is completely unnatural to them. 

We ask that Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo be shut down and all the animals be safely relocated to sanctuaries where they can be properly taken care of and live happy natural lives.