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Preserve the Environment in Koh Phangan, Thailand during Full Moon Parties

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Koh Phangan is famous for the Full Moon Party that happens every month (on the full moon). As estimated 10 to 40,000 people come to the island every month for the party. There aren't any measures put into place to contain the impact this has on the environment. 1000s of pounds of plastic garbage end up on the beach and in the oceans each month. The coral reef and much of the sea life has died or vanished in this area. The local people and business owners are left to clean the beach and streets, and much of the trash gets left behind as it is overwhelming. There are hardly any trash cans, recycling bins, or public bathrooms for the partygoers to use. As a result, many people relieve themselves on the street or in the ocean and they throw their garbage on the beach.

The Government of Thailand has a responsibility to preserve the ocean and natural resources of this beautiful island. Trash cans and portable toilets can be installed along the beaches to contain the problem, as well as workers hired to come in and clean the area throughout the evening and the next day.

As a tourist that recently visited Thailand and went to the Full Moon Party, I was overwhelmed with sadness and despair when I saw how much garbage ends up in the ocean. I tried the clean it up the next day but alone, I hardly made an impact. I want generations to come to be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Thailand and I want the local people of Koh Phangan to get some help in dealing with this issue. I'm from California, where ocean conservation and cleanliness is taken seriously. The people take care of the beaches because it is part of the culture and because there are trash cans lining the beach. People use them if they're accessible. Please help us make some changes to this area as the Full Moon Parties are not likely to disappear anytime soon.

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