Psychologists should be in every school and university by law in Pakistan.

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All the years in school I have spent countless time in the bathroom crying. Crying because of stress, or because of hurtful comments by teachers and students and giving myself a break from class because of feelings of being overwhelmed.

And I am sure if you are a student, you have too. 

Countless time's I've heard a friend tell me directly about a mental health emergency they were facing, and too many times I had nowhere to direct them. No way to help them. Students who live in abusive households, who have experienced sexual harassment, who have been bullied, who have lost family members, who face addiction, who feel suicidal or have attempted it and who have faced many more devastating circumstances. 

It is truly scary how many students feel like this at least at some point in their lives. According to a study of JPMA(Journal Of Pakistan Medical Association), a few years ago, incidences of suicide appear to have increased in Pakistan and suicide has become a major public health problem. From available evidence it appears that most suicides occur in young people under the age of 30 years.

Yet, mental health is barely talked about. It is barely acknowledged by our government, by our schools and universities here in Pakistan or by society in general. There are no psychologists available in our institutions, and God knows we need them. We need mental health first aid training for all teachers, and classes in school specifically to talk about it and how students can help other students when they need it. Along with awareness, we need action on preventing suicide, providing support to those who ask for help and better policies and implementation of those policies.

All this is not happening. To this we say: enough is enough. I will not spend the last years of my school life ignoring this problem like the people in power have for their lives. 

If our demands are not met, there will be only more suffering. Suffering that could have been prevented if our school, university and government had done something. If our demands are not met, authorities will be failing not one student, but an entire generation.  

The power is with you. Sign this petition and share it. Believe in change, and change will come. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere, and worse than evil is the people who choose not to fight it at all.

This is the time. Not tomorrow or the day after. The only time is now. Let's fight back.