Save Henderson Park, our collective memory 抢救亨德申公园,我们的集体记忆

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Tiong Bahru Park: Too Crowded

Every morning, Tiong Bahru Park culminates into a buzzing melting pot of joggers alongside various work-out clusters at all corners performing Tai-chi or exercise moves to amplified tunes and cues. These are largely senior citizens in action, reflecting the density of aged residents in Bukit Merah. Such immense positive energy at such vibrant scale is contagious, but rare in the vicinity.

As the number of park users reaches a point of saturation, we can’t help but worry, how is this small park going to sustain our greying numbers set to grow?

Henderson Park: The Problem/Solution

Opposite the bustling ground sits the quaint Henderson Park. Officially launched in 1991, many residents both young and old have developed a sense of belonging and emotional attachment to this doorstep park – it’s collection of facilities, well-aged greenery and natural setting. 

In the Draft Master Plan 2019 released by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) last month however, Henderson Park was slated to make way for a new residential site instead.

In fact, Henderson Park is the solution to taking on the overflowing vitality from neighbouring Tiong Bahru Park, to serve our maturing community.

Save Henderson Park, and Our Collective Memory

Let's save Henderson Park and our collective memory! With public feedback to URA due on 25 April 2019, our time is running out quickly.

Lend us your voice for our engagement with URA, by signing this petition. It’s now, or never.

We thank you for your support!  

- Mr. Tan Kok Sing (Chen-Bo), 94-year-old Founder of Tiong Bahru Garden Joggers (TBGJ) established since 1977

Chen-Bo: Live Better Through Sports (Vision 2030)

Singapore Silent Heroes 2018 winner - Pioneer of Promise 

TBGJ's Facebook Page 

Documentary on Chen-Bo & TBGJ (TuesdayReport)

Photo credits:,, Robert J. Steiner.




然而,市区重建局 (URA) 在上个月所发布的2019年发展总蓝图草案中,亨德申公园已不存在,因为所属地段将由新的住宅区取代。





- 陈国信先生 (陈伯),高龄 94岁,于1977年创办中峇鲁花园跑步队

新加坡 2030年体育愿景代表

新加坡沉默英雄奖 2018 得主 


陈伯与中峇鲁花园跑步队的纪录片 (星期二特写)

照片源自,, Robert J. Steiner.