Reservation System based on FINANCIAL STATUS and not on religion or caste.

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"I try to look upon the problem not in the sense of religious minority, but rather in the sense of helping backward groups in the country. I do not look at it from a religious point of view or a caste point of view, but from a caste point of view that a backward class ought to be helped, and I am glad that this reservation will be limited to ten years.." Jawaharlal Nehru addressing the Constituent Assembly, May, 1949.

In the recent times, there are many communities who are asking to be recognised as Minorities just to avail the reservations and the benefits provided to the minorities. This misuse of the law is also supported by many politicians for their political benefits. This has been a reason for communal violence in many of our states too! I have nothing against any religion or any caste that is classified as minority or wants to be classified as a minority because I am one of them(Jain). I urge the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, and the Union Minister of Minority, Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, and also the Minister of State for Minority Affairs, Shri Dr. Virendra Kumar, to abolish the current reservation system and introduce a new one. 

Why the current system needs to be abolished?

  1. There are 3000 castes and 25000 sub castes and granting them the Minority Status is just illogical. 
  2. We have seen many communities coming forward to be recognised as minorities in the recent times, and many will come forward in the future too, which is and will cause communal problems throughout the nation.
  3. Many political parties and politicians have divided our nation by using religion as a tool, once this system is abolished, they will have no grounds for these type of politics.
  4. Many people who are well settled and well earning and who doesn't need any benefits of being a minority are availing the benefits and the ones who truly need the benefits but cannot avail them because they don't belong to the Minority category. 
  5. We can see the progress in many private sectors where everything is based on their skill, excellence, knowledge and not their caste or religion, but no progress in any Government institution where this system exists.
  6. We have a lot of quantity but what we want is quality.. Give a chance to the deserved rather than the reserved.
  7. To prove the word equality in the constitution.
  8. Really talented people don’t get what they deserve…because they are not ‘reserved’.
  9. Due to reservations, we’re feeling guilty, because underserved people are getting seats and thus we are failing to show equality even if we want.
  10. It was meant to end, not to increase with time.
  11. Reservation system should be abolished because it is associated with the caste’s rather than the economically backward.
  12. Because if this system continues... India was developing country...India is developing country...and India will be a developing country forever…
  13. Because the demon of Casteism is growing on account of reservation. People make fake caste certificates and taking the seats and scholarships of the talented ones. If the deserved people had got reservations, India could have become a developed country. Poverty and backwardness does not recognize any caste.
  14. Because it breaks the unity of the country.
  15. If even after 70 years of reservations system, they still need reservations. It means, they just don’t deserve it!!

What should be done instead?

  1. Abolish the current reservation system in all the institutions.
  2. Introduce a system that tends to the need of the people and not their religion. Eg. A Reservation system based on Financial Status, that can help resolve many problems including poverty, unemployment and illiteracy.
  3. Introduce a system that allows a person to avail the benefits of reservation only once or twice in his life, which will make it difficult to be misused and would make people use it wisely. 
  4. Benefits if provided should be restricted per family to a maximum of two children irrespective of the number of children in a family. This will help in regulating the population of the backwards and eventually result in decrease in their representation, giving way to the principle of equality. This could also be achieved where reservation can be extended to one generation only. A family that has availed it once should not be allowed to avail it in the next generation too. This would make it possible to do way with reservations in a phased manner.
  5. It is time to change the constitution according to today's world and remove/amend  all the redundant laws.
  6. Set a deadline for eliminating all kinds of reservations benefits provided to SC/ST & OBCs. Government must ascertain a final date (maybe within 10 to 15 years) when the whole setup is brought down. This will not only encourage reserved category people to stand on their own but also go a long way in increasing its acceptability by all sections of the society.
  7. However if it is deemed necessary that 27% reservation is to be implemented then it should be done on the basis of satisfying the minimum criteria of marks which every student, irrespective of caste or class has to secure. It should only be after careful consideration of the caliber of the backward class candidates combined with his qualifying marks and reasonable intelligence that he should be given admission. In other words if qualifying marks for a general category is, say 90 %, then the qualifying marks for the OBC candidate should be approx. 80 %. This will prevent dilution of academic standards. Also, in case the quota seats are not filled then after a lapse of particular period of time, the remaining seats should be made open to the general category. This will prevent wastage of seats.
  8. For OBC, SC & ST, there should be depreciation of 3.3–5% each year in the reservation, and which will allow 20 to 30 year period to prepare rest of the OBCs & SCs/STs in line with General category.
  9. There should be the introduction of reservation for Economic Weaker Class which include General and OBC, and quota vacated thanks to depreciation in OBC and later SC/ST categories, should be invested in this category.


I request all my fellow citizens to unite against this system and help our nation progress and prosper. Please sign this petition and ask every responsible citizen to think about our nation and be a part of a new India where all are given equal opportunities. 

Thank You.