Justice for Rinson! How safe is our country? Where is the Law & order?

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A 23 year old youth, Rinson Tharayil went missing on Sunday, March 18th. He was last seen in Hosur in his Renault Lodgy vehicle and thereafter he was not traceable. A complaint was lodged; however it took the police 8 days to trace his whereabouts. Finally, he was found dead and his body lay cold and lifeless in a mortuary at a Government Hospital in Hosur. As per the update, his body was found on March 19th, the very next day of his death or rather 'murder.' Why did it take 8 long days for the police to trace him down inspite of a 'missing complaint' being lodged at the D.J. Halli Police Station, Bangalore?? Is this what you call law and order in the country? As a lawyer and a law abiding citizen of the country, it gives me extreme shock and feeling of disgust that the focus is more on 'establishing foreign relations' than 'revamping our legislation and making the law & order more stringent in the country. There is not a single day, when the headlines is not about rape, abduction, murder, hon our killing, molestation and dowry deaths! Is this the country that we dreamt to live in?  The citizens of the country are afraid to mess or get entangled in a legal battle. Reason....they lack faith in the Indian Judiciary and Law & Order. They fail to act until a similar incident happens within their household. Remember 'every drop of water' makes a mighty ocean!! If one wants to change the country, act now...Fight for justice now..Its better to die a martyr then live like a coward!  'Swachh Bharat' does not mean only to keep the country clean from garbage. It also means to 'eradicate and keep the country free from crime! The need of the hour is to raise your voice and support the cause for making our nation crime free. India is a democracy and we need to prove it to the world standing by each other as one to fight against crime and make it a better Nation. It is my humble request that proper police investigation needs to be done to nab the criminals and bring them to justice at the earliest! Also, the police needs to be questioned as to why there was delay in tracing Rinson even though his body was found 8 days ago! We need an answer from the Government. We need to extend full support and provide strength to the parents of Rinson.