Bring Down Average Case Time From 6 Years to 0.5 Year in Indian Judiciary #justicedelayed

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In India, filing a case in the court is like a punishment itself to the victims, as the society convicts even those who are not guilty. On the other hand, reasonable doubt prefers to let some accused people go free at the expense of preventing the innocent from being sent to prison. Many times it is seen that the plaintiff or the defendant or both die before the court comes to a decision. The delay in Justice time does not help them in any way. So people would like to go with the other options available. They try to settle the matter with each other or they go with some third parties! 

There are more than 3.3 crore cases pending in different courts of India. Many of these cases are pending for more than 10 years. Cases which have not reached their timely conclusion not only stymie judicial efficiency but tie up the litigants’ mental and physical time away from other productive activities

Now let's talk about some numbers to see its effects:-

A total amount of money being spent by litigants just to attend court hearings is more than Rs 30,000 crore per year. With a high pendency rate, the backlog in the system detracts from an efficient judiciary and imposes an economic cost on society, almost 0.5 percent of GDP i. e. Rs 50,387 crore per year.

Results of the Quick Justice:-

  • It will significantly increase the GDP of the Indian Economy by leading (i) high per capita income; (ii) lower poverty rates; (iii) higher private economic activity, (iv) richer public infrastructure
  • As common men get justice in time, there will be no more fear of getting harassed by filing a case; common man’s faith and trust in the justice system will be very high.
  • “It is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer” Benjamin Franklin. Quick justice delivery will diminish the misuse of this maxim.
  • The scope of corruption will be significantly minimized and the crime rate will be very low.
  • It will save time and hence it will increase the productivity of our country.
  • Economic reforms will not remain only on paper with a speedier justice system.

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