Paid Menstrual period Leave for Working Women both at Workplace and Home

Paid Menstrual period Leave for Working Women both at Workplace and Home

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To all who respect Woman's rights and feel her pain 

Our's is a country where  Women are worshiped as per the saying "Yatra Naryastu Pujyante Ramante Tatra Devata" meaning wherever women are worshiped with Respect and Dignity Gods will reside there!  

As a Man I am raising this Petition for Bharatiya Nari on behalf of my wife,  my Sisters, Friends, Mothers, Daughters, Colleagues etc.  Indian Women are now working in various areas like Public sector Industries, Information Technology Sector, Garment Industries and many organized or unorganized industries, Sports and especially as Home Makers. Nowadays women not only work at their workplaces but they also have to work at home which makes they are doing double the work a Man does. So Women are superior than Men in many ways. 

Everyone should understand and accept that men and women have different Physical bodies and needs. During Menstrual Cycles many feel Utter pain and misery that comes with the first day of their monthly period. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, irritability,bloating, crippling stomach cramps, backache and nausea.  Period pains are caused by the wall of the womb contracting vigorously to encourage the womb lining to shed away. The oxygen supply is temporarily cut off, causing the tissue in the womb to release chemicals which trigger further pain.
Despite these horrendous circumstances, women are expected to continue their working day as normal without a complaint, teaching children in Schools, presenting Business meetings, performing IT/BPO related Tasks as an IT Professional, nursing the sick in Hospitals, Working in Skilled and Unskilled Industries like Garment Sector, Daily Labour jobs etc. It is not generally considered socially acceptable for a woman to even discuss her period, and most women endure the pain for fear that they would not be taken seriously by their employer or have to give false reasons and take Sick Leaves which in is usually limited and actually for other types of Sickness.  

There is concern among some women that menstrual leave would have a negative impact on a women's position in the workplace, causing their employers and male colleagues to view them as weak. This is not weakness but is the Physical Condition.  Men should and will understand this if they get educated on this. It is about Women's rights.  So we cannot continue to ignore period pains when up to 50% of the workforce population suffer from them.  Creating statutory menstrual leave for one or two days a Month would help our female colleague to cope up with the physical and mental Stress during these natural but not normal periods in their life. Menstrual Leaves will ensure our female colleagues get rejuvenated and will ensure increase in productivity at the workplace. My salute to the Bharateeya Naari Shakthi _/\_

Thank you for taking the time to view my petition and please sign it so this matter can be taken up with the concerned authorities in Ministry of Labour and employment, National Commsion for Women, NASSCOM, and also to the Honorable Prime Minster of India Sri Narendra Modiji