Curb Notice Period of IT Professionals from 90 days to maximum of 45 days

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Respected HRD Ministry/ Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Sir,

 We, the Employees of an IT industry have a major concern with our notice period. Different Companies have notice period ranging from 30 days to 90 days subject to their Company policy.

Basically, as we all are aware, the main intent of Notice Period is to hand over/ transfer the knowledge/ train the replacement. This process does not require entire 90 days. Handover or Knowledge Transfer (KT) can be completed within maximum time of 30 days and not beyond that.

After completing the KT, instead of relieving the Employee from the Company, Employee is assigned  with new tasks in the rest of the Notice period. Serving entire 90 days of notice period is a mandatory thing, failing which we may not finish our smooth exit with proper documents.

Moreover, the next level problem is,  it has become a trend that IT Companies, now-a-days expect us to join within a month. If we are forced to serve 90 days' notice period with current Employer, then how are we supposed to join new Employer in a month's time. There is a major imbalance in serving notice period of 90 days Vs expectations from new Employer to join within 30 days. In this battle of serving 90 days' notice period, we end up losing good opportunities and prospects resulting in forcefully continuing with the current Employer in a hope to find a new Company who is ready to wait till 90 days. This is really demotivating the individuals.

Respected Sir, request to consider this matter seriously. Request you to curb the Notice Period from 90 days to maximum of 45 days and standardise the Notice period of maximum of 45 days across all IT companies.

This problem is faced by all IT Professionals. I am sure this problem is not just limited to IT industry. I hope petition becomes successful and for this I urge all the IT Professionals to come forward and join me. 


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