Guard the bottom line of human nature! China urgently needs an "Anti-Animal Cruelty Law"

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Fan Yuanqing, A Chinese uni student who tortured and killed more than 80 stray cats in just two months. It has triggered the world media reports and caused public outcry
In China, where there is currently no [Anti-Animal abuse Law], Fan Yuanqing is only a SMALL ROLE in the "Animal abuse gang"! And his Evil behavior is just the tip of the iceberg in many killings!

Yesterday, 17, November, 2020
The "animal abusing gang” has released another torture video via the Internet:
A video of Roast alive puppy with a gas gun , To challenge the incompetence of Chinese judicature!

In recent years, this kind of vicious animal abuse which challenges the bottom line of human morality and seriously destroys social order and customs is becoming more and more serious and frequently !

let’s Take the “animal abuse incidents “that caused major public opinion in the past two months as an example:

14, September, 2020.
China, Beijing Haidian District.
A three-month-old puppy was sealed up with plaster and thrown on an overpass. The puppy had multiple fractures and its tail was broken by a wire. Corneal burns lead to blindness!
What makes people even more angry is that the abuser packed the abused puppy in a cardboard box and abandoned it on a busy overpass, and wrote "adopted dog" on the carton to achieve their abnormal purpose of challenging the "bottom line of human nature"!

26, September,2020.
China, Shanghai ,Pudong,
A kitten's limbs were all artificially broken, suffering and helplessly lying on the cold concrete floor waiting to die! This is not the first time that vicious cruelties to stray animals has occurred in Pudong!

October 19, 2020,
China, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province.
A pregnant female cat was scalded with boiling water, resulting in the death of all 4 formed kittens in the womb. It were sparked a national debate and Indignation! Although the battered female cat was treated and cared for by the local well-intentioned citizens and Vet hospital, she Still passed away of extensive burns on 21,October 2020.


November 2020, 
China Nanjing Baijiahu Garden Community, The stray cats were have their throats cut one after another !


Another Cat abuse occurred in China, Chengdu ,Pixian District. The victim cat was cut open and its intestines were dug out! The bones of face, head and body were all dug away! There's only one skin hanging in the Community area to provoke the public!

In November 2020, In China,Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. It was exposed that there were frequent cat abuse and cat killing incidents in the "Shaanxi newspaper/media residential area “# All The Exposure pictures of the death cats were horror! Their intestines and the hearts were all been dug out!

All The laissez faire system has made "abnormal animal abuse behaviors" become "normal", And it will only get worse!

At present,The Ministry of justice of the people's Republic of China is openly soliciting proposals for legislation projects in 2021.

Regardless of nationality, everyone who wants to stop these endless cruelty must seize this opportunity
To participate in the 2021 legislative project proposal of the Ministry of justice of the people's Republic of China, Urgent appeal the introduction of the "Anti-Animal Cruelty Law".
⚠️Please Note : The deadline for the Ministry of Justice to solicit proposals is 30,November, 2020.

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Together let’s end these cruelties!