Ammend the Children's Act: Help Children Stay Safe from Preventable Domestic Violence

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I see stories of Children being abused and it's only growing. Every child deserves to have a normal childhood and a normal life. No child should have to be dragged through a system that breaks the Acts that bind them. The Act is generalized and doesn't treat Children or Parents as individuals.

The Purpose of the Children's Act is to promote children’s welfare and best interests, and facilitate their development, by helping to ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place for their guardianship and care; and recognise certain right's of children.

However, the New Zealand Justice System is flawed in multiple ways, particularly in the Family Court, and because of these flaws, there are ways to legally expose babies and children to Domestic Violence and Abuse, and condition them into believing it's acceptable from a young age. This kind of exposure and conditioning to Violence and Abuse could be stopped before it even begins if the Justice System placed more emphasis of the purpose of the Act.

The System treats DNA Testing, Parernity Orders, Domestic Violence and Parenting Orders as completely separate cases, but the truth is, they all intertwine. Look at it this way:

If there isn't a name on a birth certificate, then there's no legal right for any access to that child. If a DNA test is done, then there's (possibly) a right for a Paternity Order. However, Paternity Orders can be made even without a DNA test if the court wishes despite having evidence to prove than a person is unfit and will hinder a child's well-being. If a Paternity Order is made, then eventually a Parenting Order will be made. When the Parenting Order is made, there will be Visitation as it is a "legal right" for a parent but with specific conditions (e.g. supervised contact). Visitation is the same as "Conditioning". Conditions can be removed which leaves room for abuse. Thus, the cycle of Domestic Violence is enabled and can continue into the next generation. Yet, it was something that could be prevented from the very beginning, and that was prevented by keeping a name off a birth certificate.

So who is the Court System really protecting? Is it their pockets? Does the Family Court System enable Domestic Violence just so they can make more money off a Case? DNA Testing -> Paternity Order -> Parenting Order = $$$ for every application made to the System for Judges and Lawyers.

As a child, I was in the Family Court system and was forced to visit the parent I wasn't living with for four years, and although we were given a lawyer, the lawyer dragged it out to make more money. Now, I'm a single mother trying to protect my daughter from the same fate.

They say the system is fair, but when mother's get dragged through the system, we get labelled as 'vindictive' and 'crazy'. When we tell them that we've been sexually abused and raped, they say it was the ex-partner's "right" because we were in a domestic relationship once before. When we tell them we've been psychologically and emotionally abused, they say it doesn't matter because there's 'no physical evidence', but it is just as damaging and harmful as any other abuse. Because of this inequality, the court system failed my mother and failed me.

I will not have it fail my daughter.

I want the Children's Act to be ammended to not only help my daughter and me, but any other mother's that get dragged into the court system by abusive ex-partners or family members. I want the Act to recognise that Domestic Violence is preventable from the very beginning (DNA Testing and Paternity Orders). I want them to know that consideration should be taken for every individual circumstance rather than generalizing each case. I want there to be equality for mothers that have to get dragged through the system with their child, and get labelled by everyone.

A baby should live a simple life. A child should live a simple life. If a child wants to meet a parent, they should be able to do so when they're ready. Judges and Lawyers don't have to live with the consequences of their decisions, they just make them and go home to their cushy lives.

I ask you this: In what world is forcing a 7 month old baby away from their mother, to visit an abusive person with a history of physical and sexual abuse - not only in his history, but his family history, who treats all females like trash, in the best interest of her well-being? Children and Babies are people too. They have feelings too, they just can't express them properly.

I have had enough of the corruption and injustice in the Family Court System. It's time to make a stand, it's time to protect our children, it's time to change the system.

Allow parents to stop Children and Babies from being exposed to Violence and Abuse so they can have a better future, allow us parents to do our job by protecting them.

I've seen and heard too many stories of children being abused - and it ending in jail or suicide for that child - to sit aside and let people that don't care about her dicate her life.

Stop the Cycle of Domestic Violence before it can begin.

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