Appeal against the exhumation of the ashes of Cfn Alex Shaw REME

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Craftsman Alex Shaw REME was killed at Mount Longdon in the Falklands Conflict on 13th June 1982. Following his death, his body was repatriated to the UK where his ashes were buried at Shire Lodge Cemetery in Corby, his hometown. Alex was survived by his grieving parents, younger sister, his widow and their young son.

Since his burial 37 years ago, he has been honourably remembered and celebrated by his now late parents, his younger sister, her family and his many friends.

Both of his parents took the death of their son incredibly hard and never fully recovered from it. Since their deaths in 2016, they have now been laid to rest alongside their son, honouring their lifelong wish.

In September 2018, Alex’s sister received a message from his widow who had moved away and remarried shortly after his death. The message stated that after resting in peace for 35 years, she had applied to have Alex’s ashes exhumed and returned to the Falklands Islands where he died, over 8000 miles away from his family, friends and any of his repatriated fallen comrades. Following his sister’s objection, the Ministry of Justice refused the application. However, a second application was then made but this time to exhume his ashes and move them 2 and a half hours away to a Military Cemetery in Borden, UK.

Over the last 2 years of fighting to keep Alex’s remains untouched and lying at rest with his late parents, whilst continuing to be remembered by his sister, her family and the many friends and local Corby people, we are now left in complete disbelief that the Ministry of Justice is choosing to support the application to have his remains exhumed and transferred. We have received support from many friends, servicemen, veterans and others all who share the same outrage and disbelief at such a decision.

We believe that the decision of the MoJ is highly unethical and that the resting place of Alex, and now his parents, should remain undisturbed. The fallen soldier of Corby should be left in his home town, near to family and friends who visit him regularly.

The exhumation is due to take place within the next 2 weeks, and so we are asking for support from anyone who can to sign this petition in an attempt to overturn the MoJ’s decision.