Stop Licious Ad : Broadcasting Dead Carcasses on Prime Time TV

Stop Licious Ad : Broadcasting Dead Carcasses on Prime Time TV

5 April 2021
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Started by dhruv goyal

Namaste All,

Hope you all are doing great.

I have come before you because I along with my family and everyone in India, have been witnessing a disturbing advertisement. I am talking about the "Licious" Ad, which comes all day, everyday and displays all sorts of Dead Animal Carcasses.

It's a first of it's kind ad. Never before have people of India forced to see the dead Meat in-front of them. That too at Prime Time, when they are probably eating food(at their homes).

To people who do eat meat, it is alluring and inviting for you.

To everybody else, especially the old folks; it is a blatant disregard of their viewership. They did not subscribe to DTH and then Channels, to see such ads.

At least on the Social Media, one can choose to avoid an ad; but on Television we do not have such independence.

Personal experience:

I have seen my folks turn their faces around and just keep eating food; while we are forced to watch the "Licious" Ad (during our meal times). I am from the new generation and thus have seen such things in the outside world too. But, they never had to see a Raw Chicken Leg, Raw Cleaned Fish, etc; ever in their life.

Please think of lakhs and crores of such innocent Indians, who are being forced to watch Raw Meat. Please Save their Innocence and Our Culture, which permits everyone to live in their own way (behind a veil, which keeps the public view acceptable to all).


Dhruv Goyal

(Concerned & Caring Indian) 


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Signatures: 65Next Goal: 100
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