Start showing disclaimers & warnings in Porns to help stop rapes & improve public health

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With the advent of the internet and technology, pornography is available anywhere, anytime and often cheap or free. Despite the risks involved, people are accessing porn at work, colleges, schools.

Not surprisingly, concerns about the effects of porn on individuals, relationships & society are also on rise. Rape, violence, sexual moves are not new for us now. Pornography addiction is indeed our new and most challenging mental health problem.

It is not only emerging as one of the major causes of rapes but also of anxiety, depression, sexual problems, relationship distress and other serious consequences.

Pornography is moving from an individual & couple’s problem to a public health problem, capable of deeply harming the emotional, sexual and relationship well-being of millions of men, women, and children.

There is a great need for law enforcers to start addressing this issue.

People have trouble being aroused. Deep in mind, after watching porn, people start thinking that it can happen in real life as well and they should give it a try which rises the mentality of looking at women as objects and becomes practice.


All this can be avoided by educating people during porn itself.

One of the ways to prevent the spread of porn related problems is for people to be informed and educated before they fall for it. A great way to do it is by showing disclaimer, health warnings, addiction alert etc. details in native languages at start and during porn.

These warnings should have contents viz- Everything shown in pornography is imaginary & can never happen in real life. Actors are made up & not so beautiful in real life.

Media players must mandatorily show these warnings while playing porn videos, as with advancements in technologies it is possible to detect porn videos for media players too.

These small steps would be helpful for society to fight against this disease and would at least reduce the mentality of our society to look towards women as objects.

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