Ban sexual offender Alok Nath from Indian Films & Television

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'Veteran' actor Alok Nath, among others, was accused by more than 3 women of sexual misconduct, rape and harrassment.

Now he is prepped to play a judge in a sexual harassment-themed film titled #MainBhi (#MeToo)

He asks ‘Is there a problem?’

There is.

In October, 2018, a case of rape was lodged against Alok after a complaint lodged by writer Vinta Nanda. Actors Sandhya Mridul, Himani Shivpuri and Deepika Amin shared their own stories of having faced harassment at Alok’s hands. He has been expelled from the Cine and TV Artistes Association (CINTAA) and has been granted anticipatory bail.

This is not enough.

We believe that Justice must prevail outside the legal system and in the purview of professional practice. Victims and survivors have the right to anonymity and choice to legal recourse. Even in the choice of the latter there is no assurance, via social capital, public sympathy and evidentiary issues, that justice will be delivered to age old narratives that could not surface earlier.

Bollywood reeks of sexism and commodification of women in narratives and songs but the last year has given much hope to the voices of abuse. It is not enough. We are already witnessing alleged actors, singers and directors comfortably get back to their social and professional life as media reports dull down and fanbase takes over. If offenders like Alok Nath continue to be unaccountable, we are risking safety and security of the people around him and the integrity of the film fraternity in India.

Positions of power the privileged men continue to have access to, not just disrespects and dismisses a survivor's account but is blatant mockery of the entire #metoo movement.
The way we approach this irony and hypocrisy within our entertainment industry, therefore, must be a benchmark example for times to come.

We, hereby, demand to ban him from professional practice and revoke his licenses and access to relevant institutions and boards.