Ensure ethical and humane reporting by Media Channels

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I am disturbed. As we know about Sushant Singh’s demise by now, a young man, seemingly successful, with a life seen to be so inspiring and aspirational, chooses to end it. The moments before must have been so saturated with sadness and despair. And if this tragedy of a young star’s untimely and unfortunate death wasn’t rattling enough, it was even more disturbing to see how some news channels reported this very tragic event. I don't watch television news but I saw screen grabs of what some news channels put out yesterday and I can say that it’s definitely not a conduct of an ethical reporting in a healthy society with so much disrespect to not just the dead but the ones still not having come to terms with their loss. I can only imagine how painful it would be for Sushant's near and dear ones if it affects an outsider like me so much. The reporting was downright inhumane, distasteful and crass in nature. Not only that, the reporting resorted to victim blaming and sensationalizing. As someone who has closely known and helped people with suicidal tendencies, I can definitely say that the reporting could've potentially triggered someone with such tendencies. This was totally against the news broadcasting guidelines of News Broadcasters Association. I have started this petition asking Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and NBA to take strict action against news channel Aaj Tak to not just hold them responsible for this but also set a benchmark by taking a strict action against them so that no other family has to go through this kind of suffering. But, my voice will matter only if it is backed by yours. End this kind of reportage, please!!