Celebs, Stop Promoting Chinese Products

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Time has come to identify our enemy No1. You heard it right. Not Pakistan, which is dying its own death, but China is our enemy No1. While Indian soldiers are sacrificing their lives to push them back from the border, how can one justify Bollywood and Cricket celebrities pushing Chinese products into Indian markets?

Indians breathe Bollywood and Cricket and idolize you. Every Indian is voluntarily avoiding the use of Chinese products and has pledged to ban using Chinese products. What about you…? If you are an Indian and love your country, your foremost responsibility is to stop endorsing Chinese products. More than Chinese business aggression it is you guys who are aggressively advertising their products. Because of this, China, the treacherous, duplicitous and rogue country has invaded not only on the borders but has invaded every Indian wallet beyond repair.

Just to share our own example, we wanted to buy scissors. The scissors given by the shopkeeper was made in China. We returned the same and requested him to stop selling Chinese products. He readily replied, "Ji saab, hum logon ne bhi aisa hi socha hai, ye wala stock khatam hote hi hum Chinese maal rakhna band karne wale hai." After a week when we inquired for the same, to our pleasant surprise, the shopkeeper gave us Camlin scissors! What does it take to be a true patriot? Maybe to wait for a few hours or days. That's it. Mere deleting Chinese apps is not enough. 

Don’t you think that now it is our collective responsibility to win against Chinese overpowering, and empower every Indian? If you promote Indian companies and Indian brands, millions of jobs will be created and to support this growth of Indian companies, entrepreneurship in India also will get momentum. Be vocal, promote local and support our national goal of being ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’.

My dear fellow Indians, as we raise our voice against celebrities endorsing Chinese products, please sign and share this petition to form a pressure group that will force the Indian Government to make suitable changes in Chinese import policies.

Join us and stand in solidarity with Indian Soldiers. JAI HIND!

Thanking you in anticipation,

Truly Indian, 

Sheetal A. Patil, Harshvardhan S. Patil and all the Students, Parents, Staff Members, Center Heads and Directors.

Takalkar Classes Pune.