Self Defense Training for Girls should be made compulsory in all Schools and Colleges !

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"Mulgi shikli pragati zaali !" -- A well known quote in Marathi. In the literal sense it means that if a girl gets educated, then progress is assured !

However, in India, when the question about Women's Safety  arises, our Education Department too needs a Wake-Up Call !

Looking at the day by day increase in crime against Females, their security is undoubtedly at stake ! 

India is the fourth most unsafe country for women, according to a 2011 poll by TrustLaw. When it comes to women’s safety, we rank just above Somalia. Delhi is the most unsafe city for Indian women, even during the day.

1) Rape [ Most Common Crime these days ]

2) Murder

3) Molestation

4) Kidnapping

5) Girls and Women Trafficking 

6) Acid Attacks

7) Eve Teasing

"Females" usually assumed as the weaker sex by the Criminals, are considered as easier targets for them. Its time that we make each and every Female Citizens realize that they are equally or in fact more stronger than the Males. Don't believe me ?.. Well, you should then go for a mini research about the Female commuters in our City's Life-Line [ Mumbai Local Trains ]. One can clearly identify their brave potentials. Its just that they need a right medium or a right platform to awaken their inner strength and utilize it when it is essentially required to save themselves or others.

"Self Help is the Best Help" ..(esp. when we have to wait for years for Justice and a Strict Law to fulfill our dreams)

Self Defense, as one of the compulsory subject in all schools and colleges across the nation can definitely act as the True Life Insurance for Females and for their Parents too, who are the most concerned Human Beings when it comes to their daughter's safety these days. 

Self Defense Training will help them boost their confidence not only physically however psychologically too. If She's prepared mentally along with the trained street fighter skills then even darkness on the streets will never ever bother her Security. Lonely streets will never act as lonely as She will always be accompanied with her "Self Defense Techniques" on the Streets.

In addition, an awareness for this Self Defense Training would also prove beneficial for them and inspire many others in the mission to protect themselves and others too.

So, let each and everyone of us help in making Our Female Citizens, the Warriors and save themselves to be a victim !

Education / training is always effective if it is started at early stage ! And if Guys can learn Karate and Kickboxing, Girls too can get ready to fight !

Its High Time !!...Let us all be The Responsible Citizens and show our support by signing this Petition to achieve a Milestone ..and a fruitful outcome.. may be ..something like .....

 "Mulgi Self Defense pan shikli, aata pragati zaali !"

Best Wishes !


(your's Caring Indian Citizen)