Make Humane education as a mandatory subject in Indian schools

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Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

On 24th July 2019,Times Of India reported of a man residing in a posh colony of Bombay,instructing his society guards to beat up a stray dog just because he was seeking shelter from the rain so that no other animal could dare to come in.The dog named Lucky,is critical and is struggling for his life in the hospital.

Rising intolerance of humans towards animals is concerning.Humanity is dying a slow death.Thus,it is the need of the hour to sensitize our future generation,so that they grow sensitive and humane towards voiceless creatures,so that no more  innocent lives are sacrificed. Humane education is a method of teaching and training that aims to foster particularly in young people, a sensitivity towards all living creatures and the environment that we share with them. It stimulates moral development, promotes empathy towards people, kindness towards animals and concern for the environment and the importance of interdependence of all the species and their environment.

Schools in India should introduce Humane Education as a mandatory subject in the  curriculum,inculcating sensitivity towards other living beings, spreading awareness on Animal Rights,their needs and our duty as Humans towards them.

Join us in introducing this subject as part of curriculum to promote a co-existing world for both Humans and Animals alike. Stop animal abuse, save our animals.