Enable courses on Child rights in India

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Hello People,

I am the Youth  of this country as you are,as ordinary as the person who sits on the couch and explore the possibilities of 'if'.For people who are the runners of this democracy of this country,they are really working hard so that we sleep peacefully,and we aren't surrounded by the problems,but still Chaos is made and decision is done.Decision makers as we call them,they have the autonomy to turn the tables at the very last moment.

The things I am talking about above may sound very philosophical but as a Youth when I put them down on paper ,I am surrounded by n number of problems with no solutions and then my table turn to those decision maker.From my side as a Youth,i can only write,i can only take out campaigns,i have the power to stand up for someone's right.

In this Chaos , verdict by the Supreme court is a welcoming one.It is a celebration time for many individuals,civil society,lawyers & professionals who have stood up.Again,many people now may take this opportunity to pen down about when their rights will be answered,I as a Youth is talking about the those million of childhood dreams who are deprived of their rights just because they are unaware of them so what are we supposed to do then.

Oh wait ,I know ,'We tend to wait for the headline to appear -9 year old raped by the guardians' or ' 9 lakh calls on Childline are silent calls-Times of India' . 

I want to sincerely ask the Ministry why aren't their scope of study to talk on Child rights in India ,if there is then why isn't there market for the Youth like us to explore the study.I have been really interested in studying on Child rights and its issues but I feel helpless for if I want to explore the courses there are none except for one or two.Why isn't India-a developing economy as you say is progressing on the issue as the outside economies are.If I want to study specifically on Masters in Child Rights,then why do I have to explore the opportunities in United Kingdom to work for my county.According to https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/india/world-day-against-child-labour-2017-key-statistics-2302279.html   
 1 in every 11 Child is a labour. I appeal to the honourable Ministry of Human Resource Development to bridge the gap between the social imbalance caused in the economy by not just focusing on the economic causes.

An appeal to the Youth and their guardians'to bring back the courses on Child rights in college.