Rejection on the basis of 3 months Notice Period

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In India these IT Companies have started a new trend of serving 3 month notice period. probably they are trying to Lock the employees growth and his/her independence.But when an organization search for new employees they looks for immediate joiners(Max 30 days).

Due to 3 months Notice Period most of the eligible candidates reject during screening round itself.

Outside INDIA we have a notice period of 2 weeks that is fair enough or even 1 month is good enough for a new replacement, usually you find it is getting tough to find jobs if you are not able to join in 1 month, so how can you expect 3 month notice period is appropriate.

They are having double standards, Ideally Notice period works both ways. If the company fires you then they should give 3 months notice or pay. These cunning companies use a different tactic to get around it.

I believe we have to raise voice right now otherwise it will be late and will get even tougher in coming days else you have resign first and then start searching a job.