Get Special Educators for all Special Needs Children at Schools

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Respected CBSE; MHRD; Anita Karwal; Manish Sisodia, Atishi

I am a parent of a child on Autism Spectrum.

CBSE currently mandates the appointment of 2 special educators at school and the RTE reserves 3% seats for special needs at school level.

I am however disappointed because schools across the country despite being covered on the CBSE grounds of having special educators/counselors in school, do not provide a special educator who can address learning needs for all special children enrolled in a particular school.

While these schools look covered on the count prescribed for special educators/counselors, I can clearly see that the challenge here is that the count of special educators is not matched with the students admitted as per the RTE.

If a school admits 3 students per year, then the challenge is to address the needs for 42 special needs students (Nursery to 12th - 3*14) enrolled in a mainstream school. 

With 42 special needs children, the appointment of 2 special educators does not suffice and despite mainstreaming the special needs, the retention is not possible because there is no special needs support.

Therefore I would request all of you to please get special educators for all special needs, else parents like us will be disappointed and despite all efforts to mainstream, the students will not come to school.

I would request everyone to sign this petition, who believes that education should be for all and if one has different learning needs, system should adapt itself to meet it and hire required professionals.