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Against Mess Fee Hike at NIT Silchar

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Recently at NIT Silchar, Mess Advance for the students has been hiked citing GST as the reason by a sum of Rs 5000. While students were paying Rs 12000 as the mess advance now the fee amounts to Rs 17000. The justification for this is being given in the name of GST which is levied at 18%. It is hard to understand that when 14.5% of tax was already being paid pre GST then how come complete 18% increment is being levied on the pockets of the students. Justifiably only 3.5% increment is there in the taxes. Further there is irregularity in the Tender Documents pre and post GST of the tenders released for the mess as said by a few students on the college Gymkhana Group informed to the Vice President, Dev Manas but has not taken any step yet and is continuously justifying the fee hike.The other factor is to be duly noted most NITs have not had any increment or a small increment if the mess advance collected was less.

Students here come from various backgrounds and may not be able to bear the increment. Even if they are financially sound, the increment is nowhere justified. We urge you all to kindly come forward.

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