Feed the homeless and thus put a lid on spread of corona.

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This is a tough time for all of us around the world.
Few of us are dealing with quarantine well as we are the lucky few who are bestowed with all faciities.
But has anyone wondered the plight of the homeless people and the stray animals?
Social distancing is a luxury that almost an estimated 1.7 million people and 35 million stray animals just cant afford due to being homeless. The homeless are a forgotten community.
Before we draw our conclusions or display our judgement on why they ended up in the streets lets all first unite as humans and pledge to help ourselves and EACH OTHER as best as we can as we move forward from from these darkest of hours.
it is our responsibility to be helpful and kind to the less fortunate ones.
Lets try and curb hunger out of the streets of this country.
Let us all together spread awareness and reach out to them by asking the government to help set up stalls in each region providing
.basic utilities and hygiene products
. More drinking water dispensers
.Safe shelters
.And most importantly atleast 2 time meals
Some state governments have already taken the initiative of cooking for the poor and feeding them during this quarantine period and
Summer is fast approaching and we still have no clue on how long the pandemic will last but throwing a blind eye and banging utensils will not solve the problems.
Let us all come up with effective and efficient ideas and break the homeless circle.

Governments can use railway catering services as most of the homeless are usually found near railway stations and thus we can eliminate maximum transportation.

Let us join hands and request the governments to set up basic amenities for the homeless. It is imperative because as these people search for food the pandemic may worsen further.