Cancel the ceasefire in Kashmir, our armed forces & Kashmiris have suffered enough!

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It can clearly be seen that Pakistan and millitants residing in Kashmir do not value the decision taken by Govt. of India for having ceasefire during the month of Ramzan. There have been constant shelling from Pakistan and numerous stone pelting incidents. For those terrorists, this ceasefire is an opportunity to kill our Indians. 

According to hon. Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, "naa gaali se, naa goli se, baat bnegi boli se". But when the truce is broken in just few hours by our so called fellow neighbours, the hon. Chief Minister should understand, "laaton ke bhoot, baaton se nahi maante".

Pakistan has lost its trust in the whole world, the only solution for terrorism in Pakistan can be, whole world uniting against Pakistan to eliminate the safe havens provided by them to terrorist organisations.

So, the initiative of ceasefire in Kashmir is of no use, when it is bringing more harm than good. It should be taken back and the armed forces should be able to kill every single militant in the state who are residing in our nation and singing chants of another.